Moist Tee Teasers


Pouring chilly water on some issues makes them finer. Princesses of kindness Sha Rizel and Hitomi meet for the very first time and make it a moist Shirt flash. The dolls pour themselves glasses of water from a tumbler and fastly spray the contents far and wide their torsos. Had this been a beach-side wet-Tee challenge, they each would have decimated the contest.

The digital camera bashes the ground because the sneering couple wiggle and gyrate, searing themselves into your mind circuitry. They dirty-dance and assist every different undress off their moist issues then proceed their hip-swiveling polishing dressed in best the wind. What a duds of hotties! That is the one pairing of Sha and Hitomi on the earth and it happened all through a week-long image shoot within the Dominican Republic.

Date: April 9, 2022