Govt historians have supressed the reality for years however now the info ass be exposed. Consider it or no longer. There as soon as lived a tribe of surprisingly huge-titted Englishwomen known as the Soboobas. They led an secluded lifestyles within the dense forests no longer some distance from Nottingham, the place they lived off the land and in addition lapdanced for additional wampum. It used to be highly tricky for them to seek out decently becoming hooter-slings in order that they clad in faux brute skins. The Soboobas had been hiked via scouts for the Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves, who taught them within the artwork of Tomahawk flapping and pillar dancing. From time to time, demented folks (such as LinseysWorld videographers) would stumble out of the woods, mumbling phrases that gave the impression of “boobs” and “tentpole.” Nobody believed their ridiculous babble till one courageous, hopelessly horny fellow returned with one forearm clenched round a flick cassette, the opposite chubby his peacepipe. The goddess of the Soboobas used to be known as Boobahontas. That is her tale. Till Disney remakes it. Let’s flip the flick gauze, and observe the place you sway that ax, imp!

Date: July 30, 2023