Maddie Go And Her Sonnie’s Greatest Pal


Maddie Go, the 55-year-old wifey and mother who has transform an immediate delectation right here at, has some by myself time. Her hubby and sonnie are long past, so lady sits on her bed, lies again, opens up her gams and commences frolicking together with her slit thru her crotchless underpants. Maddie is luving herself, however lady does not know that any individual else is luving her simultaneously: Nicky, her sonnie’s greatest pal, who is seeing her thru her sliding-glass doorways. He if truth be told takes out his dick and commences draining off in wide sunlight, and Maddie catches him.

“Nicky, get in right here,” lady says. “You might be available in the market draining off. You will have been doing this some time. I buns inform.”

“Sorry,” he says, feebly.

“I will train your bum a lesson,” lady says.

Uh-oh. Now he is truly in distress…or is he?

“These days, you are gonna drill me,” lady says.

“What about Mr. Go?” he says.

“That is simply inbetween you and me. I will train you a giant lesson.”

Appears like a rattling fine lesson, notably when Mrs. Go has him sit down down and commences gargling his dick. And his scrotum. And sits on his face and polishes her vulva into his jaws, her mounds draping enticingly. And lies again so he buns lick her slit. And juggles up and down on his weenie. And he screws her giant, tan-lined mounds and spunks everywhere them.

We are kinda questioning what lesson Nicky discovered from this. All the time squeak on super-hot MILFs whilst they are milking? K!

Date: July 28, 2023