Brief Hair, Do Not Care.


Shorthaired Sidra is a hotty from Fresh Mexico. Young woman grew up doing ballet and exploring firm, finally following each interests into school.

“I graduated and discovered that the company international gargles. I figured I would give pornography a attempt,” newborn informed us.

“Maximum studs assume my brief hair is red-hot. I initially did it to urinate off my ass hole chief who was once regularly making feedback about how a lot more wonderful femmes are with lengthy hair. You will have observed his face after I ambled into the place of work with my head bald shaven! Since then, I have let it get larger out a tiny, however I enjoy the brief hair way of life. I had one dude I used to be watching ask if he may just jizz on my head when I used to be shaven. I inhaled and inhaled him till he was once about to ball-sac, after which he wanked it onto my dome. It was once more or less red-hot, I am not going to lie.”

Date: July 5, 2023