Get To Know Venera


Who’s Venera? Whenever you observe her, you don’t leave behind her. Venera is without equal in slender ‘n’ stacked. Mademoiselle has one of the most greatest, maximum sumptuous figures ever observed in 20 years of SCORE historical past. Venera did not get that figure via gobbling junk and sitting round. Mademoiselle is a licensed sport instructor and helps to keep up a gruelling work-out time table. Like any other awesome discovery this yr, Valory Irene, and Merilyn Sakova in 2005, Venera has the type of ginormous bosoms (32H-cups) which might be infrequently ever observed on femmes so slender. Mademoiselle is a miracle of nature and it was once a superb day when Venera determined to change into a naked type and proportion her body with boob-mankind. Be informed all about Venera on this introductory interview from Montego Bay, Jamaica as kid chats about her mind-blowing hooters, her sensual figure and her lifestyles as a SCORE super-hottie.

Date: October 31, 2019