The Sweet Swimsuit

This was once Hitomi’s 2nd tour to the west for SCORE, her first-ever being On Location Puerto Vallarta with every other star-studded gang of ladies.

Hitomi’s sweet bathing suit and her schlong are sugary-sweet however no longer as sugary-sweet as this Asian import. Modeling isn’t paintings for Hitomi, it is have fun. Bambino loves understanding babe will likely be observed and savored via uncountable boob-lovers in awe of her slender but supernaturally-endowed tits and sumptuous face.

Hitomi and Joana have been roomies right through their week within the Dominican Republic. They will come from other cultures and talk other languages, they communicated highly smartly in combination. We imagine there’s a world big-chested sisterhood that transcends all variations and Hitomi, Sha, Valory and Joana helped to fortify this idea.